Kawaga 100UPDATE: Kawaga100 was an enormous success. We look forward to the next 100 years!

Dear Kawaga Braves,

2014 marks the beginning Camp Kawaga’s second century as one of America’s premier boys’ camps. This is a milestone that are celebrating in a big way, by bringing together former Kawaga campers and counselors from all over the country.

Together, we are on our way to making Kawaga’s 100th anniversary an amazing tribute to what Doc E began in 1915. It began in March with the kick off celebration in Chicago, attended by some 250 Alumni.  We continue to celebrate June 5-8 with a very fun Alumni Weekend.  Registration remains open for the event, but we have already started planning including Cabin Assignments which are provided below:

The highly anticipated Alumni Weekend Cabin Lottery was a huge success. We had participation from so many Braves and the results are outstanding. Every group submitting a request was accommodated with the size of Cabin requested, and all groups were maintained togetherThis was our objective with this process. In some cases, your group size was too big for the cabin so we combined your group into two cabins (i.e. Chip 3 & 4, 21 and 22, you get the point). Your group can sleep as you see fit of course!!

Anyone not specifically assigned a Cabin can choose an available cabin of their choice upon arrival for the Weekend (First Come, First Serve). We have done our very best to place everyone where they wanted. As you might expect, we had to do a little juggling to make everyone happy and keep all groups together. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Email us if you have any questions. 

CABIN Chip 1 Chip 2 Chip 3/4 Chip 3/4 SCW/E SCW/E Hotel
  Adam Glass Bennett Levine Brendan Isaacson Andrew Rosenberg AJ Rosenfeld Al Kisin Andrew Freeman
  Ari Fisher Brian Herst Mark Rubinstein Andy Breiter Ben Fisher Barry Glass Charlie Schudson
  Brian Arnol Jacob Isaacson Matt Weiss Max Fisher Ben Good Ben Zollo Greg Gross
  Eric Dritz Jason Weitzman Jay Weisman   Dan Brenner David Stern Mick Heyman
  Jimmy Zollo Jeff Kaplan     Gabe Korach Matt Gaines Mike Printz
  Josh Fisch Keith Levine     Kenny Korach Michael Ruder Peter Zollo
  Max Guggenheim Michael Brickman     Ross Wolken Michael Sevin Ralph Heyman
    Mike Balkin     Seth Wolken Jordan Stein Richard Korengold
    Zach Stern     Zach Wolken   Rick Goldman
              Steven Robinson
              Struan Robertson
CABIN 5 9 14 15 16 21/22 23
  Mick Heyman Jeff Harris Steven Drinkard Jon Pure Ken Golden Andy White Aaron Berg
  Mike Printz Rob Orley Brandon Shwartz Kevin Mailender Ryan Rubin Howard Abrams Brian Nessel
  Ralph Heyman   Yani Sanamakari Robby Marks   Jake Bloom Danny Simon
      Dan Ojala Seth Good   Ryan Erwin Mark Robbins
      Robert Kuulys     Ty Simpson Ryan Daube
CABIN 24 25 26 27 Garoon House Porcupine  
  2014 Kawaga  2014 Kawaga Staff Aaron Mervis Ben Kanter The 1972 CITs Bobby Fisher  
  Staff   Greg Wikoff Charles Lucterhand Howard Garoon David Fisher  
      Matt Abrams Danny Robbins Scott Schiff Marc Fisher  
      Jason Harris Douglas Lucterhand Mark Saperstein Michael Fisher  
      Joey Shaewitz Eric Meltzer      
      Josh Alpert Jeff Holmes      
      Justin Kriezelman Jimmy Levin      
      Peter Krug Joey Levin      
        Jon Levin      
        Jon Rotter      
        Scott Bernstein      
        Steven Rotter      


If you have not yet signed up, register now for Kawaga100 Alumni Fantasy Weekend to continue the celebration at camp this summer. Register here. We have also created some great commemorative Kawaga100 gear for the occasion. Check it out and order right online at kawagagear.com

As part of the Kawaga100 celebration, an amazing tribute video was created that we know you will enjoy.

Even if you are not joining us for the Weekend, we still have lots to share. We need to be able to contact you in the future. Please click here to fill out the Alumni Contact Form (for you or fellow braves) or send us the contact information to alumni@kawaga.com. This will ensure everyone is included on all future Kawaga Alumni communications.

Get ready. Get excited. It’s almost time to “march, march on down that field.”

Everybody in?!

The Fisher Family

“Reach into the future, but never forget the past.”